5 Signs to Know if She a HOE!


With cuffing season right around the corner a lot of men are looking for a chick to cuff. But you don’t wanna cuff a hoe. In 2013 niggas are being tricked more and more by hoes. Personally I don’t understand how dudes are being tricked when the chicks are leaving obvious hints that they are hoes! But that’s why I’m here to show you men 5 signs that your girl is a hoe.

1. She’s Lightskin: All lightskin women are hoes. All women are hoes but a lightskin hoe is the worst! Lightskin women have a short attention span so they get tired of the same nigga quickly which is why she will never be faithful to you.

 2. Idols: This can usually be the first sign that your girl a hoe. If your girl is a fan of Rihanna, Madonna, or Kim Kardashian just leave now before your heart gets broke. These women are hoes themselves so if your girl idolizes these type of women then she is also a hoe. New to the “Hoe Lookout List” is the show Scandal. If your girl is always talking about how “strong” or “brave” Olivia Pope is… She a Hoe!

3. Tweets: Now you have some women who blatantly tweet like a hoe, these are not the ones you need to worry about. It’s the ones who tweet things like “I love the fact that I have no man I have to answer to, I can do whatever I want and I be chiiiillleennnnnnn”. This is a prime example of a hoe. If the girl you like is tweeting like this, just cut your losses bruh.

4. How she dresses: This is one of the biggest indicators of a hoe. Even Malcolm X once said “If she talks like a hoe and dresses like a hoe, nigga she a hoe”. If your girl wear leggings all the time, she a hoe. If your girl wear heels to go grocery shopping, she a hoe! If she got more snapbacks than you then she a hoe cuz she got those hate from other niggas after they fucked.

5. Popularity: This is one that many dudes are too dumb to realize. If everytime you out with your girl and a dude point her out, she a hoe. If your girl is constantly having dudes come up to her saying “how you been”, she a hoe. If she always talking bout how much a friend some dude is, it’s cuz she fucked him.

I hope these tips will help you out while you are scouting out the competition tryna find what player you are gonna draft this cuffing season.