The Club: Fellas by @X_GotYourGirl

For guys the club can be the reason for a great night or the place you just paid 20 to get curved all night. Constantly guys are getting curved at the club. There is however a number of guys who actually get bitches at the club. Now I’ve been that nigga that got curved but I’ve also been that nigga that has walked out with bitches on deck. So I’ve come up with some ways to turn your club experience into a success.

1. The Plan: A night out at the club can be successful or a huge failure. It all depends on the plan! A good plan will have you at the very least walking out with some digits. Girls wanna be hoes secretly so don’t bring your whole basketball team with you to club. A pack of niggas never end well. So bring about one, maybe two, three is the max for niggas! Choose someone to be the captain of the team. This should not be the nigga that’s at every party with his shirt off. Now every crew has that nigga that pulls alot of bitches. This should be the captain because he will be the first nigga that the ladies look at. The captain will lead the group through the club.

2. Dancing: The most important thing to remember about the club is always look cool. Don’t be that nigga that gets hyped because their song came on, now they bumping bitches, knocking drinks out their hands. Just be cool, even if “that song” come on just chill because you never know what girl might be looking your way and now you ruined your chances because you wanna be the New Boyz!

3. Begging/Thirsting: The thing I hate the most is watching a nigga get turned down for a dance by a chick and then ask again. If a chick tell you no then just accept it, and move on to the next chick. It’s 100 hoes in here and you wanna keep asking the same chick for a dance. While you sitting there begging, a darkskin nigga stealing the other bitch that you could have been dancing with.

4. Talking to a chick: First off you in the club with loud music, you look dumb as hell trying to spit game to a girl. However there are some exceptions. There are those times where you see a girl who you just have to try and talk to. Here’s the key. Don’t take all day, hoes are ADHD! Be quick in your approach. Ask her name, do small talk for about two minutes. Then if she still seem to be interested get the number and be out. Hoes used to niggas gassing them all day. Be different. Trust me the quicker you are the more the hoe gonna want you.

5. The Let-out: The let out is a niggas dream. All the hoes are drunk and ready to go home but they remember when they go home they going to be lonely bitches. So they stay for a little hoping to find a nigga to be a hoe with. Even if you’ve been getting curved all night there is still hope for you. This is where you and your boys can flourish. Remember though, there are 100 other niggas tryna get some cheeks so you and your crew need to move quicker than a darkskin nigga in someone’s pockets.

Taking these tips and applying will hopefully improve your clubbing experiences!

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